Why This

While I was away on an awesome residency at Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, it hit me to have another avenue to connect, apart from my website, facebook, twitter ( I don't know, can't get the hang of that one). Even though it may very well be just me blabbing away here, I want to reach out to others. Find common ground. Whether it be with our thoughts, our art, or just our presence in the world. I truly believe this is important. Now, especially. Enough of the holding each other at arm's length and putting up a front. Of living in fear of showing others any personal piece of ourselves. Let's be real. Let's share our experiences as people, in the kindest way possible, of the highest order we can. I will do the same, through the avenue of my work and what I continue to learn from it. When I was in my twenties, I used to think I'd know all I'd ever need by this time in my life. Good golly, glad that isn't true. The wisdom of age is something to behold and treasure. I started drawing again at Brush Creek. Drawing, right there on the ground, with the wind and cold and sun. It was invigorating, and not what I expected at all. It changed some things for me, which will be the starting point of where this blog takes off. I know it sounds dramatic, but it's true. I pay attention to these types of subtle hints the universe often throws at me. It's part of the wonder and the gift of trying my best to slow down in the world long enough to listen.

Thanks for your curiosity here. Hopefully, you'll want to join in somewhere along the way.