Time moves along rather quickly. Pretty astute observation I'd say. Don't we all remember thinking as children that the days couldn't move fast enough? I've been so busy moving, I've almost forgotten I started this blog. The last few years of my life have encompassed so much change, and I have found that it is often reflected in my work. The silence, the stillness, the sometimes frenzied moments mysteriously here, then there. I've never been so transparent in my life. I've had a few gallery talks in the last year, and coupled with my film, Imagine, and my exhibition catalog, they provide a pretty clear idea of what motivates me to work, and how it happens. I really believe that artists should share more of this inner process. It forges more of a connection with viewers, especially now, when we all feel so vulnerable. I've been humbled by the heartfelt comments I've received about my show, The Rhythm of Stillness, currently on view at BayArts. What touches those that communicated with me is not only the work, but my honesty in willing to speak about it. We all share so many of the questions and observations I touch upon. Why stay isolated in our curiosity? I'm thrilled that stepping into a public forum has made even the smallest of difference. Thank you for allowing me to be myself.

I have been working on 2 portrait commissions that are gifts in different ways. It is more of a structured process, to create a work specifically for someone else. There are boundaries, expectations. It's all good, but very different than what I've been used to of late. I welcome the opportunity to hone myself in, to concentrate on what would make someone else happy, above my own needs. It's still my work, I still sign my name. Definitely a valuable experience to cultivate in my ever liquid world. It is the earth to my watery sky.

In addition to the above, my thoughts are moving along to the next body of work. The ideas come in glimpses, in gentle waves to my mind's eye. I never know in advance what a piece will look like. I'm given just a hint. I do know that children are coming forward with an ever stronger voice. They have become my beacons, carrying a torch of vulnerability, along with unfathomable wisdom about what IS. I also know I will play more. With texture, with space, with mark making. Another adventure for certain. I'll keep you posted as it comes.