Stand Your Ground

So here it is, that magical time of year. As if there's only one. I think there's magic around all the time!  You can call me Pollyanna for short. I, for one, call this particular magical time pretty darn flustering. Mind you, we are not elaborate Christmas people. I'm fortunate in that regard. Our kids, our families, expect very little in the way of gifts. I'm very grateful for that. However, there is a house to clean, a tree to trim, food to prepare and buy, you know, that. So what does this painter do? On my errand run, I say "oh, the studio is close by, I'll just swing by and work a bit."  Yeah. I'm obsessed.

I'm also fortunate to have a passion, a way to connect with people in a tangible way through my work. I never used to feel this way. When I was a kid everyone told me how talented I was. I just rolled me eyes and thought "so??" (say that like a teenager) Even before I was married, I worked, I liked it, got paid, yadda yadda. It wasn't until familyhood- when I had 16 balls in the air  at the same time- that I truly began to realize how fun, how cool it is to paint. In the last several years, that passion to create has been incredibly ramped up. Extraordinarily so, in spite of personal obstacles that hit my life. I'm absolutely driven to speak my heart in paint. And now pencil too.

What's more, I've gotten even MORE stubborn than usual. I have a vision I see my work going in, and I am hell bent on making it happen. Instead of thinking and pondering 'Oh, what will appeal to the market?', this little smarty pants says 'Hells Bells, they will see it and soon their wallets will magically open'. Sure, like that. What IS that? I call it standing my ground. I can't go around telling my fellow artists to do the same, but I do hope that in whatever way they choose to make their living in art, may it NOT compromise their integrity in any way. I truly hope they feel great about what they sign their name too. It goes out in the world the same way. It's not an easy economy right now. But if it's any consolation to my peers, this is not the first time the market crashed. I've lived through a couple at least. It's what we sign up for when we declare "Art" as a career path. It's part of the job description. Things will change, and I know for the better. Eventually, people will come to realize that having a well made, unique piece of art that lasts for generations- gracing their lives, their homes, is something to treasure. These are not rushed off blustery pieces made in factories. Real people are putting a lot of themselves down for the world to enjoy. It means something.

SO, what I'm working on...

This is a sneak peek of a painting I started in WY in October, but am finally rounding the corner on. I'm starting to feel the new ground I've been searching for. A place where the portrait, the person, is still very much intact, but the surrounding field shifts into something else. More tactile, more nebulous. A place where the harder to pin down mood takes over, rather than the descriptive imagery our minds want. As a painter, the journey is important. I want you to feel the same as the viewer. I won't spell the story out. Make it yours.

May your holidays be filled with the wonder that exists, everywhere.

This is a detail of the painting titled, 'Visible Thread'. coming soon...