Tools to Use

In the throes again. Finished 'Maya', and working on a piece called 'Lift the Veil'. Both paintings have taken on a decidedly moodier twist, perhaps. I'm not sure why, as with many of my painting decisions. I just go. The other change I've integrated is playing around with a greenish underpainting. On top of that pretty flushed out form, I slowly add color with glazes and alla prima layers. This technique has given the figures a certain realism that can sometimes hit me (personally) as spooky. I'm going with that too. For now. In contrast with the nebulous backgrounds, I feel the realism gives the painting an anchor, a place to connect, then move along.

So, add that to my growing kit of tools in paint. Good panels, cheap brushes, walnut oil or oleogel medium, masking tape, metallic paint, realism, impressionism, abstraction, painting from life, painting from photos. Dreams. Making stuff up. It all works. The trick is knowing when to use what. I often tell my students to soak up as much information as possible from as many different sources as possible. You never know when something will surface to try and put to good use. Why limit yourself to just One System? Make your art life interesting. Dive in and explore. You just might come up with a treasure.