I am fascinated with the pencil these days. I find it a nice compliment to my paint work. The thin silvery line, the refinement that is possible with just value, coupled with frenzied mark making in the same piece. Layers still there, tape.. plus, I can SIT! I've also revisited this pose again. I tried it both ways, eyes open, then closed. The closed eyes led me deeper into this experience. It took me places. My ancient past, my recent, my now. I began to wander some, thinking about all the things I could let go and let be, as well as what I should explore more, and keep. I'm finding this sort of fine tuning to be really important for the clarity of my work these days. I have a compelling need to tap into not only what inspires me, but making sure it's authentic.

Technically, the variety of combinations possible is what makes all these experiments - even the emotional ones - endlessly fascinating. I love being able to sit down, and actually look at what's happening on the page, rather than just what I want to see appear. This back and forth between what is felt, what is understood, and what is seen are all important components. But by far, the most important for me, is the unknown. The mystery of the first mark, and what it leads to.

It opens so many doors of wonder.

graphite, ©stankakordic2012