Earth Bound

I recently read an interesting tidbit of information that I never knew. This may be common knowledge, but I make no claims to knowing common knowledge. Anyway. Did you know that astronauts in their thirties can return to Earth with the bone density of people in their seventies? This from Parabola Magazine and the article, " A Conversation with the Elements" by Mark Nepo.  "Just as  too much gravity is oppressive and crushing, the loss of gravity doesn't free us but causes us to atrophy and disintegrate at an accelerated rate.  Paradoxically, the only way to make it through the weight of the world is to stay in the world."

What does it mean to 'stay in the world'...besides the obvious, walking around in it?

This has been my latest mind bend.

In recent weeks and months, I've noticed a delicate shift in the art I see on Facebook. The themes are very much nature driven, whether they be the straight up landscape, or earth inspired messages. Or, they are figurative works of everyday living. Simple grounding activities.

In addition, my dreams have begun to change in the same way. They used to be situated in urban settings. Now,  I'm seeing myself as an actual living tree (ok, maybe that was influenced by my tree of life piece) , or I'm easily speaking with animals, surrounded by birds, walking into oceans, all while remaining perfectly calm.

As artists, are we finally letting go of the need to 'reinvent the wheel' when it comes to how we express ourselves? Are we beginning to notice the goodness in our world, rather than hammer our viewers with the blight, or the ways we fall short as humans? I for one hope so. Not to say that artists have to create in one way, but I personally hold to the soapbox that Art's greatest contribution to society is in how it elevates us. Whether it be through the wonder of the imagery, how it was made, or what it shifts within the viewer.

I've discovered that when I stay in touch with how the earth binds me  to this moment, and travel from that place into my creativity, the whole experience from start to finish is more satisfying. This includes all those crazy ugly stages a painting will go thru before the final zings of the finish.

"If you don't become the ocean, you'll be seasick every day." - Leonard Cohen.

This will be my last post of the year, thank you for stopping by to read these rambling endless musings. I truly appreciate it!

May your holidays be filled with Peace.