Ambiguity & Wisdom

Well, another solo show up. It's always a thrill to see it all hung, well lit in a beautiful place. The Carnegie in Covington, KY is no exception. It is a performing arts center with gorgeous exhibition rooms just across the river from Cincinnati, OH.

The work shown is a continuation of what I started in earnest in 2011. The merging of what we know, with mysterious more ethereal passages informed by the paint itself.  Here is my statement about it:

This collection of work represents a deeper exploration of what has intrigued me for years: The power of paint, and the wisdom of people.

 Ambiguity. For me, the abstracted marks seem to cause a response in the brain when it is not describing something visual. An expansiveness occurs, and so many possibilities of seeing and feeling become apparent. Why not sit with a painting with multiple interpretations, which can include more than just a story to ponder? Something that cannot necessarily be categorized, or even named?

 Wisdom. I believe we come to earth simply knowing plenty already, but have forgotten much of it, or how to access it. It is the type of knowledge that is triggered while we exist in the natural world. A rhythm, a pulse. Steady confidence. The feeling is almost primal, but more integrated than that. This wisdom is not revealed all at once, but as we need it, and as we learn to ask.

I am allowing these paintings to come to form as openly as I can. I stand back and dictate very little, but respond completely.

The show runs until October 11.  If you are in the area, please consider stopping in.

To view highlights of the show,  please visit my Professional Page on FB: