The Urge to Connect

I find it interesting that so many artists are ruling social media. History often speaks of the reclusive, eccentric artist. Today, we are all over everywhere on the interwebs. Just like the true space creatures I often think we are. Ok.. I'll speak for myself. I am a space creature that connects on social media. There seems to be an urgency out there (and in me) to make work that will reach out, and make a difference, even the smallest of kinds. It is possible that it may be just my circle of artist friends, or my genre of painting, but I see very few people treating their art as a factory assembly line. We want to create things that will stay. In homes, in hearts.

I've often spoken of art as being a visionary practice. Whether my fellow artists would admit to this, is another matter. The problem with that notion is that it doesn't look good on a business card. "Visionary. No job too small." How do I even explain that to my Croatian parents? Is there a word for it?

Ask the people that live with me, I am often frustrated by the world. Most often though, I understand why. It is not easy to live in this day and age, a lot is shifting.  I get it. That's why I paint what I paint. I want you, the viewer, to know I get it. I want you to know that just because it is murky and unclear today, it won't always be. There is wisdom in stillness, but you have to be quiet long enough, steady often enough, to know this.

Art in your life will slow you down. It doesn't matter what kind it is. If it makes you think, if it makes you smile, if it brings up a memory, you slow down. You put your gadgets down and look up at the wall. Maybe grab a drink to ponder further. It may remind you to go outside, and find those clouds that were painted. To look at the bowl of fruit in your kitchen, and marvel at how an artist was able to paint it true to life. You may see a painting of an elderly person, with a map of wrinkles, then suddenly appreciate the time it took to even get to that face. A bold field of color.. what IS it? Who cares! The fact that you even want to know what the heck it means is activating your brain.

We artists already know that art is worth making. We want you to know, that it is also worth having.  The real art, made one at a time, with every ounce of dedication, thought, and craft that any other professional out in the world is doing. There are many of us who have made it our jobs, and so many more that have made it our lives. To be shared.

That is no small thing.