Going Small

I recently completed a Teeny-For-Me piece for the Portrait Society of America's 6x9 Mystery Sale. The complaining was endless. What happened was, I lost touch with my more controlled self. The one that liked to work in a chair at the easel, and enjoyed the idea of someone being nose to nose with a piece to truly experience it. Once it was finished, and well received, it dawned on me I needed to do this more. Not only for folks who often ask for pieces at a smaller price point, but for the flexibility of my paint chops. I should be working in a variety of sizes to keep my language alive.

That said, I did not want to make something as complex as my usual work, only smaller. I wanted a slightly different approach, a more controlled outcome. My perimeters were to work in 2 stages. One, the alla prima stage, for no longer than 2 hours. Two, the final stage, which would include glazing and whatever else it needed. That's it. Subject matter would of course be simplified as well. For me, there is nothing worse than painting a teeny tiny eyeball with single hair brushes. Won't happen.

So, here are my first two oil sketches underway after stage one. If you are interested, in about a week or so, I will be posting one at a time on Ebay, starting bid to be @250. for each plus shipping. Unframed. These are oil painted on 8x10" linen panels. (Those 3 inches made a difference!)

Please look me up on facebook for the when. And thanks for your support, as always.