Ode to the Creative

So far so good, making good on my intentions for the year. This has been a winter of quiet cold, and rest, like no other. In many ways a forced rest, knowing my conditioning is to always be productive. And yet, my family of origin likes to joke about how I dallied when I was supposed to be cleaning...the dust rag never moving fast enough to get it done quickly. I was always too caught up by a strange 'something'...whether it be a thought, a scratch I needed to make in that furniture (yes I did) or fixing a doll whose dress was askew. I was a reflective child. Isn't it funny how that is deemed 'flaky' or ungrounded, in this Age of Accumulation? I am determined to bring that kid back.

We are lucky as creatives. We get to spend time noticing things most people don't, and sharing it...whether in words, songs, images or experiences. It is easy in this day and age to allow the balance to veer off dalliance into practicality, and business like behavior at most times. I do see the importance of being structured and methodical, but not at the expense of staring off into the wild grey yonder. All that builds into a crescendo of inspiration that comes out WITH your daily practice - the work- and is not separate from it. Indeed, there is no separation in a world that breathes. You, as the creative revealer, are included in that statement.

I just feel the need to reach out and remind my creative friends making their way in this overly judgemental world about this:

What you do is important. It counts. No matter what the bottom line.

So, on one of my daily stares out the window, I notice this deer making his way over to our yard, in the deep snow, as if he was coming to visit. And he was.