Finding Summer

Mango The other day while waiting for a flight at the airport I was struck by how many people do not stare off blankly like I often do. Or even at each other. Everyone has their heads down looking at their gadgets. That makes for fine study fodder for me...I can openly look at faces and the way light falls upon them without interrruption. That thought led to this one : I've personally lost track of summer the last few years, and all the laziness that comes with it.

When one doesn't schedule down time, aka Vacation, how does this happen? Well, I need to follow all my own advice as stated in my first video for pete's sake for one. Then, I have to remind myself it is too many ways. Peace of mind, lower blood pressure, equilibrium, and most importantly, for the ole work habit. The Fine Art. Society always reminds us that we are starving artists, flakey artists, act like a business who charges by the hour artist..sometimes I even catch myself buying into all those personas.

But really, according to my inner collective, my mission as Artist falls into the visionary category. As in, helping others see the beauty, the 'more' to life than we often expect. The surprise, the nudge into a place of relief. That's my personal gig. We all have our own, right? Finding the connection thru the natural world is what helps my art find it's way...

So, back to the garden I go with the golden Mango of fluff and fur and low voice.  We keep our eyes peeled for interlopers of all kinds here..racoons, groundhogs, fox, coyotes. But please don't ask me to identify any plant beings though. I know not thing one about them. My husband is the keeper of this local earth. I just stare at it. I know colors. For example, there are lots of greens growing at the moment. And some purple flowers. I also thank the heavens that no one makes me weed. Small moments of gratitude easy to cultivate here.

And as social media continues to rant and rave about this or that agenda, (oh yikes here comes election year)  I will blissfully scroll away, or not even look, except to perhaps post a garden shot yet again. Or another cat...ok, maybe a painting. Speaking of which, painting will slow down in lieu of this important time. To feed the ole soul.

Lift your heads from time to time.  Catch someone's eye, and smile. You don't have to leave home to do that.

Have a happy summer.