(My workshop schedule is currently set for 2017. This is the last year I will be offering Intuitive Technique Workshops. No teaching plans at this point going forward. I am finding my personal work at the easel is calling more strongly than originally anticipated. Thank you for your interest!) 


These are opportunities for experienced painters with a solid foundation  of drawing and knowledge of oil painting techniques to experiment with new paint applications, and to tap into a more intuitive and individualized way of working. Much of what we talk about, is 'undoing' what we have learned as painters, in order to explore new territory. It's often daunting, but the rewards can be cumulative, depending on how open each artist is long term, and how often these techniques are applied. This is the beginning of what can be a long road of discovery for participants, not an instant change..

Topics discussed include the plethora of ways oil paint can be used via direct and indirect painting, such as: Working with colored grounds, underpainting color choices, transparent glazing, opaque glazing (scumbling),  dry brush, impasto, as well as using a variety of tools not always associated with oil painting.

The intuitive portion includes self-inquiry, and responding to the paint by seeing mark making as a valid means of expression. 'Painting what one sees' is emphasized only in the context of making decisions about where the realism will exist in each piece.

There is a bit of homework involved, in order to better experience the Indirect Method of painting. We work with simple still life objects (or the option of a portrait) in order to focus on the techniques, and the internal awareness that develops when steering away from the focus of subject matter. Details provided upon sign-up.

Please keep in mind these workshops are an introductory view of the many ways I work that typically take weeks or months to complete. 


"..You opened new avenues for me in my traditional painting. You have removed the drudgery that was present at my easel. I hope to mix your exciting and free world of painting to discover a new one for me. You are a teacher that everyone hopes to find when they are searching. Thank you for being so generous with what you have found in your struggles as you make your portraits speak conversation to the viewer. This makes you and excellent painter, teacher and person."   - Marge C, Ohio



Tomball, TX  / February 17 (evening demo) 18-21

Contact: Lesley Humphrey: paintpuddle@sbcglobal.net


Beaumont, TX / February 24(evening demo) 25-26

Contact: Stanka: skordic@gmail.com


Ross, CA / May 19 (evening demo) 20-23 *FULL*


Wait List Contact: Elizabeth Gorek: elizabethgorek@gmail.com


Helen, GA/ July 17-21*FULL*

Contact Helen Arts Center


Huntsville, AL / August 24-28.  

Contact Huntsville Atelier


Excelsior Springs, MO/ September 22 (evening demo) 23-24

Contact: Sign up with Kelly Berkey here



Teaching on hold until further notice. The easel is calling louder than expected!