This is the place to find everything related to my process. Scroll down to view the short video which explains what you will find here, and in the downloads. To round out my offerings, I am also on Patreon for ongoing Work In Progress video discussions. Check that page out too. Thanks for your interest!

Your work in intuitive, clairvoyant, and hits a creative core. Your videos offer a direct access to your path of intuitive process. It is very generous that you are sharing something that is your own, and has taken many years to get to. In learning to become a figurative painter- the focus is on technical rights and wrongs, which can suck the life out of intuition and creative inspiration. You have always demonstrated how painting can be difficult, deep and exhilarating as you allow the paint and process to have a mind of its own as it connects with yours. The videos bring to light the magic and connection to your process. Thank you for this generous gift.
— Amy L from Illinois
I so appreciate the time you took to share some of your process with these videos. I understand more how spending time playing, and being a little fearless, can truly take my work to a new place. I am really looking forward to working with you more via our online conversations
— Deanna C from Maine
I jumped on the chance to have a one-on-one live video chat about my work with Stanka. Her expertise and knowledge of portrait oil painting is amazing! I was working on 3 or 4 portraits for an upcoming show and I was struggling with some background and composition issues. Stanka easily recognized how I could improve the paintings and gave me great tips. I highly recommend Stanka’s video mentoring! I’m looking forward to signing up again.
— Denise D. from California
An insight into your side of the world of art was a great inspiration. I will cherish and watch them over and over again.
— Patt L from North Carolina
These videos are an excellent value. I have watched them three times and have started a couple of studies with the intent of following your techniques. I found myself going back to my old ways on the first one and am now working on a couple more where I will revisit your video at each stage. I have loved watching your process as it is always intriguing to see a finished piece of art and wonder how the effects were achieved. This ‘lifted the veil’ a bit!
— Rhonda G from North Carolina

A short explanation of what you will receive in the Intuitive Process offerings.

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Progression of the painting Stillpoint. Oil on wood panel. 48x36x1.5". 2018


Progress video of the making of 'Bridges Turn #2" oil on birch panel, 36"x36x1.5” 2018


A film depicting the many layers of change within the painting process of Stanka Kordic. Produced by Jerry Mann.

The Why of what I do.


A book of selected essays about The Art Life