This collection reflects work completed since 2009.

I believe - that Art, in all its forms, exists to enrich our lives. Loving it, should be why it comes into our environment.

There is so much more than hours spent on any single piece that determines its value. Within this site, you will find information to make an informed decision about becoming a collector of my work. I invite you to spend some time here. Not only in studying the art, but also what goes on behind the scenes. 2 beautiful short films were made, one by Jeff Dolan, and the other, Jerry Mann. Scroll through the sidebar to discover where they are. My blog is centered on sharing the insights that mark making brings. If there are questions unanswered, please write.

My art making practice is centered on responding to the paint in the present moment, within the boundaries that figurative representation provides. A layered conversation begins. I acknowledge all that transpires within those layers - be it felt, observed, or revealed. It all has a place in my process.

Now the journey with the work is yours. To interpret, to be with.

There is no separation in a world that breathes.


I hope you enjoy what I do.

Thank you for being here.


Work and words ©StankaKordic. All rights reserved.